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Our mission is to promote sustainable business practices, nurture the environmentally-committed business sector, advocate the environmentally progressive policies, and improve the environmental profile of economic activity in the East Bay.

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Speaker Event - The Green Economic Revolution

posted by sustainablebiz on Feb 9th, 2009 at 8:40 am

Join us this Tuesday for a presentation by Bill Roth:




Learn How This Mega-Trend Can Transform Your Life & Work

Bill Roth - Green Business Coach

Bill Roth is the Green Business Coach for with a regular column. He is also President of NCCT, an East Bay firm that has participated in the development of the first hydrogen fueled Prius and in-grid, non-thermal solar peak power plants. As a professional economist Bill published in 2008 his critically acclaimed book, On Empty (out of time) that provides compelling documentation and layman language economic explanations on what Bill has labeled the Green Economic Revolution.

Bill will outline at our February 10 meeting his statistical analysis and business case studies that document how Sustainability has now merged with Globalization and the Information Age to create a transformational mega-trend that will impact how we live, redefine our core business systems and provide the basis for renewed economic growth. And most encouragingly, Bill holds an optimistic perspective that the American consumer will be the enabling force that drives the adoption of solutions to unsustainable energy pricing, Energy Independence and Global Warming. Don't miss his insights on how we in the Bay Area have a unique opportunity to capitalize upon what Bill estimates will be a $4 billion U.S. annual revenue market by 2020.

5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

Tilden Room, MLK Student Union
University of California, Berkeley
(near downtown Berkeley BART)

Register here

Co-Sponsors: Alameda County Green Business Program, The Daily Californian,
The East Bay Express, The ASUC Auxiliary, Downtown Berkeley Association

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