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Butter Slick "Custom - Smooth Cream" car wax eliminates old wax and swirl marks as well as light scratches. Product line includes: Butter Slick Car Glaze Cream Wax, Butter Slick Platinum Spray & Shine Wax, Butter Slick Car Cologne, Butter Slick Motorcycle Glaze Wax, Butter Slick Shark Oil Tire Dressing, Butter Slick Platinum Spray & Shine Motorcycle Wax. Local Owned Business in Gary, Northwest Indiana. Stop in and pick up your Butter Slick Wax or Call us at (219) 886-9500 / 1-877-832-6528. Order 24 Hrs. A Day 7 Days a Week, Click on Website to order.

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BUTTER SLICK - Best Car Wax Products

posted by butterslick on Jul 28th, 2008 at 11:14 pm

Butter Slick leaves a high gloss finish , the best I've ever used. The vehicle shown below is a 1999 Chevy Suburban. Mike, who owns this vehicle had a snow plow on it for the first 5 years where he plowed his business (Shell Station) lot. This vehicle has been through a automatic tunnel car wash at least 500 times. Mike sold his business over 4 years ago and had his snow plow taken off his vehicle. Mike noticed that the paint on his vehicle was starting to fade. He would try different high quality wax's, but after a couple of washes the fade look would come back. Mike got a hold of a bottle of Butter Slick and applied it on his vehicle. He noticed the color started coming back, he applied a second coat, he could not believe what he was seeing. Mike has been using Butter Slick now for over 3 years. Thank You Butter Slick for making my vehicle look like this.

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